Argolanda B.V.

In the hide and skin business since 1926.
With the office in Rotterdam, the trading heart of Holland.









We are at the fair: IILF / 01 - 03 February 2019
Chennai - Booth Nr CC-11B

Present at the fair:
Mr. Chris Granneman
Mr. Rob Willemen







We are at the fair: APLF / 13 - 15 March 2019
Hong Kong -  Booth Nr 1E-D10

Present at the fair:
Mr. Chris Granneman
Mr. Jeroen Granneman
Mr. Jos van Mullem


Our main products

hides, skins & splits


Argolanda B.V. purchases hides from countries worldwide. These are being supplied in different stages, like wetsalted, dry(salted), wetblue, crust and finished



Argolanda B.V. purchases skins (goat, sheep, pig and deer) from countries worldwide. These are being supplied in different stages, such as wetsalted, drumsalted dry(salted) wetblue, crust and finished.


ARGOLANDA B.V. supplies splits (wetblue and/or crust) from Central and South american countries, as well as from the European community.

As every origin has its own characteristics and every type of hide its own purpose in the leather industry, it’s simply impossible to mention all the details of the hides we’re able to supply on this site. In case you would like to receive offers and/or further information for a specific type of hide or origin, you’re kindly requested to contact us, and we would be pleased to assist you personally and give you all required information and best service.


Chemicals for Leather/Tanning Industry


We also provide chemicals for Leather/Tanning Industry:

  • Vegetable Extracts such asMimosa/Quebracho/Chestnut
  • Sodium Sulphide/Sulphydrate/Formate/Bisulphite/Bicarbonate
  • Chrome Sulphates
  • Formic Acid/Nitric Acid
  • Ammonium Sulphate


Materials for the food industry


  • Vegetable oils
  • Gum Arabic
  • Talcum/Kaolin- Groundnuts
  • Cocoa products
  • soya lecithin
  • Egg powders
  • Sodium bicarbonate

Contact us

Argolanda B.V

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Tel: +31-10-2800000
Fax: +31-10-4045794


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